How To Play SKIN TIGHT On Bass Guitar The Ohio Players + Tabs EricBlackmonGuitar HD

30 Famous Bass Lines With TABS
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  1. As a newbie I got the first part. I will keep practicing until I've learned the whole song. Thanks Eric for making it easy!

  2. that bass ball grip looks uncomfortable. No disrespect intended.

  3. great stuff! can you do bass line for (For The Love Of Money by The O'Jays) for funky friday or any other day?

  4. Cameron Melendez Music

    @EricBlackmonGuitar Fantastic selection! I wish more people would do this song! Have you done a guitar video for it yet?

  5. Can I request you do a tutorial for "Better Love" – Luther Vandross?
    Love that jam!

  6. Maaaannnnnnn! Your lessons are so gat darn easy! Love it.

  7. Great teaching. Do you have DVD s or down loads of your lessons. I can really relate to your lessons


  8. Thanks. 🙂
    Very useful for me – trying to get back into the bass.

  9. I find this to be extremely interesting, and I'm a saxophonist! This simply has to be useful for bass players . . . .

  10. Hey Eric, nice tutorial. You do something small that makes a big difference in the helpfulness of the video. In the slowed down step-by-step part, you lift the fingers that are not playing the note away from the fretboard to make it OBVIOUS which note is being played by which finger. Also superimposing the tabulature clears up any possible confusion. I know we don't play that with those exaggerated finger placings, but it sure helps in the slowed down part of the tutorial.

    So many guys doing tutorials leave all 4 fingers hovering over the frets making it difficult to determine the actual fingering.

    I hope what I'm saying is clear. Anyway, good job.

  11. Revenge Film Radio

    Really great lesson! I played right along with you. Now I need to get it up to speed with the song.

  12. it makes more sense to me reading the tabs upside down, its inline with the bass I'm just waiting for that watching u by slave, I know its gonna be good.

  13. Great job. Timing and count is everything on this song.

  14. Thanks Eric!

  15. Hey Eric, is there a tutorial for Skin Tight for Guitar?

  16. Could you play bass line from blackbyrds "time is moving on"

  17. excellent lesson. would you consider doing a break down of the classic staple singer song i'll take you there.

  18. Thanks man I was wondering how that bridge really went

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