How To Play SLIDE Slave On Bass Guitar Funky Friday Mark Adams Style Lesson Tutorial

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30 Famous Bass Lines With TABS
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  1. can you do a tutorial on kc's sunshine bands do you wanna go party?

  2. Great lesson.

  3. Vincent Koster

    you're the best teacher out there! very patient!

  4. gerald stewart

    hey eric I know your busy! but if you could in the future do a tutorial on slave`s watching you, it would do me good.

  5. Thanks to this video I'm buying a bass guitar. I get it in theory but I have wanted my whole life to learn bass and this did it for me. John Entwhistle, Rick Danko, Jaco, Jack Bruce and countless others planted the seed. Thank you, sir!!

  6. memyself4ever1

    If you could, could you play this funky joint on bass? "This Beat Is Mine" by Vicky Dhttps://

  7. perfect breakdown so appreciated

  8. Your teaching style is awesome! Thank you so much!

  9. Do you take requests for tutorials?

  10. Thanks! other's have posted the song and showed the finger positions, but none as clear as yours!!

  11. Great! When I was in high school, Slave were one of my favorite bands – just loved Mark Adam's growling bass.

  12. Can you please help me? What am I supposed to do if in the tabs this appears () instead of (/) which is what I'm used to normally see. Thank you

  13. Thanks for this well done tutorial. You explained a lot of things I heard but couldn't reproduce.

  14. Horace Thompson

    Absolutely love this tutorial of one of my favorite groups and songs. Man you are so easy to understand and follow. I'm just over a beginner level and with some practice time, I can be pretty servicable if called on to play this song. Thanks Bro! Keep the bass lessons coming. How about "That's The Way Of The World" by EWF of course. That would be great!!!

  15. Excellent lesson I'm learning the bass and this is one of my favorite songs, I got the main riff to the pointe my wife knows what song I'm trying to play, just sub you too!

  16. I'm loving this thanks you really make it easy to learn please don't stop need more lessons like this

  17. Thank you.

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