How to play Smile (Charlie Chaplin/ Glee)- acoustic guitar lesson *request*

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  1. I mean Charlie gives a lot OF joy to the world. Lyrics produced in 1954. I also like the song La Mer. i am in New Zealand

  2. thanx for helping me to learn this Classic song , music by Charlie Chaplin in 1936 and Title and lyrics by John Turner and Geoffrey Palmer in 1955 approximately. I like your use of the words "minion" and "daaaah". Charlie gave a lot if joy to our World

  3. Vaas'show Duarte

    She's Beautiful

  4. I appreciate the tutorial it’s great. If you could play the whole song?

  5. Emmely Stoessel-Jackson

    Awesome!❤️this video helped me very much
    Could you please make a “how to play” for you are not alone by Michael Jackson?❤️

  6. You are like young Nancy Wilson! 🙂

  7. oh dear , talking to fast !!!!
    no no no

  8. I'm just interested in the guitar and the trumpet and from learning from you and I have so thanks a lot

  9. Nice video. Now all you need to do is upload an English version of it so that we can understand what it is you are saying. Thanks!

  10. Jesus Christ i'm so lucky I clicked on this video, you're absolutely gorgeous, great video btw I liked it. I wish there were more girls like you in my school …

  11. Thanks! I learned with you, although your beauty don't let me pay attention on frets. I've had to see 1000 times, but I got it finally…………………..But second chord is C major 7 not Em, if I can teach you something too.

  12. I can't watch the fretboard. Me eyes are stuck on you. How cute you are… 🙂

  13. I love it!!!

  14. dear Lord ..your eyes
    thanks for the post great song

  15. please put an example of the song at the beginning x

  16. Great stuff. However, I think the second chord should be a C major 7, not an Em.

  17. Winning video. Delightful personality.

  18. Sapphire Sunsets

    Ur amazing c: you remind me of veeoneeye

  19. Sweetie, at least you are trying but can you slow down your rapid chatter.
    You're not on the phone to your honey.
    I do speak English (mother tongue) but a lot of what you were saying was incomprehensible.

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