How to Play Smoke On the Water – Beginner Guitar Lessons – Main Riff Get a Free Chord and Scale book by clicking here!!! plus more free exclusive content!!!!


  1. Santino Leonardi

    this is gonna get me so much pussy.


    thanks for inspiring me to play

  3. DaROBLOXChannel

    Thank you so much, this helped a lot

  4. On 5:00 he said sex, 3

  5. who else over here got too weak fingers to press the string good enough on the fret when doing a power chord and gets a fret buzz ? anyone else ?
    Well yeah, my Ibanez grg170dx just arrived today and she's fire ! But my fingers are not used to playing guitar quite yet !

  6. Tried to use a cool nickname but failed miserably

    Man I can't fucking believe how hard it is to lose your skills. lol I used to play guitar and I actually knew quite a few songs. More than a decade later, here I am: trying to play these simple songs and failing at it. hahaha Oh yeah and I have the exact same guitar but it's from a brand called Phoenix. I guess these entry-level guitars are all copy-paste then because I've seen several guitars like these. They look the same, work similarly and are usually the same colors.

  7. Wow, not being able to play the easiest thing on guitar. Now I feel like even more of a failure than I did to begin with

  8. I dont mind you changing it up to sound better but at least tell the fans thats not how its played in the song.

  9. Every Video You Show You Dont Get That Tablature Right!!! Smoke On Water Goes 035 0365 035 30! Just to let everyone know.

  10. thank you!!!!!

  11. You rock dude

  12. Can you play it in a d?

  13. what electric guitar is that?

  14. Thanks Marty! Cool lesson…

  15. That's awesome and all but can you play smoke on the water?

  16. Dirty Beef Curtains

    Dude you kick ass man! Awesome lessons

  17. I played this on the ukulele and the notes are different. I'm now constantly singing 035..0365..035..30 xD

  18. Block Of Emerald

    you rock

  19. Noob question but what is the 6th fret power chord called? For example 3 is G5, 8 is C5 right? But the note for the 6th fret is F# and Im pretty sure its not called F sharp 5.

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