How to play Smoke On The Water by Deep Purple (Rock Guitar Lesson SB-311)

Guitar Lesson Tutorial: Smoke On The Water-Deep Purple
More Info:
In this guitar lesson we’re going to learn how to play Smoke On The Water by Deep Purple, probably the most played guitar riff of all time. We’ll be doing the whole song, not just the main riff (but not the solos) and I’ll give you some hints on simplifying it too!

This song is from the JustinGuitar Rock Songbook:

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  1. Darin Briggs Lawn Service

    Stick to playing lol

  2. VlogsandInterviews Peeps

    How am I having trouble with this but not with a lot of learning most of master of puppets

  3. 035 0365 035 30

  4. Don't ever sing again

  5. OneEyedWolfKing

    do you also mute the f little finger like the g or just hit the note normal?

  6. Nice Lesson

  7. Let your work will always be creative success and I wish you success incomparable ツ ツ ツ Our like # 2219

  8. WOW to hard to do.

  9. Just watched a live clip of this song. Flicked this lesson on and it's in a different tuning.

  10. Great lesson. Thanks Justin!

  11. How do you play I play it open 3rd 5th open 3rd 6th-5th then first bit then 3rd open

  12. Sophie's roblox & more

    I'm doing guitar on this songs in my guitar lessons

  13. Brayden Snyder

    your amazing. i just got a new electric guitar yesterday. but i dont think i can ever be as great as you

  14. This is definitely not a. Beginner lesson it was to fast and u didn't show how to mute nor did u show the right hand very difficult to follow


    so great i like the song

  16. Adrian Kilbourne

    my youngest student wants to play this seems I've been doing it wrong for ages.. Thanks!!!.

  17. The Bass trick is awesome.
    (Im just starting out so this'll be a nice one to learn).

  18. when the singeing sounds nothing like the original XD

  19. "Probably the most played guitar riff of all time"
    I think what you mean to say is "The most commonly incorrectly played riff of all time"
    FYI – This is 100% the correct way to play it.

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