how to play "Solsbury Hill" on guitar by Peter Gabriel | acoustic guitar lesson tutorial

how to play "Solsbury Hill" on guitar by Peter Gabriel | acoustic guitar lesson tutorial

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For more information on this lesson and the TAB go here:–acoustic.html

An acoustic guitar lesson on how to play “Solsbury Hill” by Peter Gabriel from his 1977 self titled debut solo album.



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  1. Shutup & Play - guitar tutorials

    For more information on this lesson and the TAB go here:–acoustic.html

  2. Diana Armstrong-Zook

    Just found you , Excellent tutorial , I am inspired to learn a few covers !

  3. Best channel for lessons on YT right here.

  4. Amazing job. This is one of those elusive tunes that I’ve never even seen professionally transcribed (lots of inaccurate lessons out there). Happy to purchase this tab! I’m a hybrid picker, so this has been a huge help. It’s tricky, but I’m already getting close.

    Here’s a request – Silver Wheels by Heart. It unfortunately did not appear in the Heart tab songbook published years ago. There are fan-transcribed versions that are either inaccurate or incomplete. Others are actually for the Crazy on You intro and incorrectly titled. Silver Wheels is a.separate track that appears on Bebe le Stange (although Nancy often played it live before Crazy on You). I’ve tried to fill in the gaps on it myself, but there are a few bars I’m not sure about.

  5. Don’t you mean “Salisbury Hill”? It pronounced as Solsbree, but I assure you that it’s Salisbury…Idiot

  6. Bout time!!! Lol. You are my favorite here on the tube. Your lessons are second to none. Well done as usual

  7. its Salisbury, NOT solsbury.

  8. swiftly as a ninja

    Thank you so much for this! The reason I picked up guitar after not touching one for 10 years was to be able to play this song for my dad. I've really gotten into it for the past few years and grew to love playing guitar like i never did when i was a kid. Never found a good tab or lesson of this song however so I didn't think I was gonna get to learn it until i could learn it by ear ( Which seemed very hard, and after watching your lesson, I don't think I ever could have figured it out myself) but now I think I might be able to do it! Already learned some travispicking from your dust in the wind lesson, although this seems quite a bit more complex, but at last I have a blueprint to go off of. Bought the tab, and will definitely buy more! ( I didn't know you sold tabs!!). Thank you again, you are by far the best guitar teacher on youtube, probably anywhere, and a play-by-ear genius!

  9. The best tutorials ever. There’ll never be any better than yours. You referred to Steve Hunter as a genius. I would put you in that class. Thanks for what you’re doing. Everything you produce is utter brilliance.

  10. This is just one of those perfect songs. If aliens asked me what is going on on Earth….I would play em this song. Always thought this song would stand on it's own acoustically. Well you just proved that. Have only seen one other person do this song justice…Corey Heuvel.Thank you for this lesson.

  11. This is a fantastic tutorial. Thank you so much.

  12. Thank you for this. I absolutely love this song. Excellent video.

  13. Some great playing, great tune, makes the heart always feel light. Thanks for sharing

  14. Your how-tos and performance videos are the best. Thank you.

  15. Hi, thanks for providing the tutorial for this song. I did purchase the tab for this since I needed the additional details and it takes much less time, for me, to learn the song via the tab. Very useful/accurate tab. Great work, please continue providing high quality content – I have previously donated to your channel.

  16. One of my favorite songs Andy! It's always on my playlist, thank you!

  17. Please whoever is giving this a thumbs down explain yourself! This is absolutely brilliant. Thanks for the lesson and your effort!

  18. Fantastic

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