How To Play Stairway To Heaven Part 1 – Guitar Lesson – Led Zeppelin – Jimmy Page

Learn how to play Led Zeppelin’s Stairway To Heaven!

Click here for part 2:

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  1. Phantom-忠诚/Mobile Legends

    Wait this was only the intro… rip

  2. In my country there is a popular saying that says:
    "Those who know a lot commonly aren't great teachers. Only those who love to teach, are."
    And this applies to you, Marty.
    Many thanks for your lessons.
    I've become a fan.
    Regards from Portugal.

  3. I can't wait to play this at guitar center

  4. Live and let die guns n roses version please

  5. Not all heroes wear capes….

  6. Do Going to calafornia by led zeppelin please

  7. Time to piss of some guitar stores

  8. Hey People marty schwarz ist the Best guitar Player

  9. Better than Every music channel in YouTube

  10. Sub'd

  11. Amazing man, Amazing.

  12. how to get laid 101:By Marty Schwartz

  13. Hi Marty, just picked up a guitar for first time at 46 years old. lol you been a great help learning. i'm already crazy addicted. THANKS!

  14. Thanks for posting, this is well worth any guitar aficionado's time.

  15. 2:15
    For all you haters…

  16. Can you do drinkin and drivin by the business?

  17. Thank you so much for your help.

  18. I love all your tutorials man, but I suck at playing guitar. Does anyone recommend beginner lesson songs? Or videos?

  19. Kinda disappointed. Said they were doing picking stuff but it never happened in the first video. what a lying …

  20. Electric_Kicks Studio

    What kind of Taylor is that?

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