How to Play "Stay" by Post Malone on Guitar *CORRECT WAY + CHORDS*

How to Play "Stay" by Post Malone on Guitar *CORRECT WAY + CHORDS*

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Fmaj7 – 1 0 2 2 1 0
Cmaj7 – 3 2 2 0 0 0
Am7 – 0 0 2 0 1 0
F – 1 3 3 2 1 1
Fm – 1 3 3 1 1 1
D9 – 0 0 0 2 1 2


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  1. Thanks man much love from Alabama

  2. Your tutorial is bad. Go watch Good guitarists’ tutorial it’s right underneath this one.

  3. Your tutorial doesn’t actually remind you where you’re at in the song or how many times you play chords and you never show us how to transition from one to the other. Just badly laid out tutorial that would be confusing for beginners. You also don’t even say chord names and say where to put your finger for each chord once. Good guitarists video is much better if anyone wants it.

  4. The first chord in the song is actually shaped like this
    Fmaj7 variant

  5. What’s the strumming pattern

  6. This song is so good for anyone. It has the average vocal pitch for boys and girls.

  7. going wayyy to fast home

  8. Whats the tuning

  9. Finally found something amazing

  10. Verse: 4:42
    Chorus: 7:02

  11. i might be a fucking moran but my fingers almost break at only the first part

  12. Say the names of the chords and don’t be too quick please. I understand nothing.

  13. Great tutorial!!

  14. The chords are easy. It’s the strumming pattern i’m having trouble with

  15. If you’re trying to teach beginners why aren’t you telling them what the names of the chords they’re learning are?

    Am/F Cmaj7/G Am7 F Fm and D7 (in order of appearance)

    Also the first chord should be an Fmaj7 and not an Am/F- that’s how post plays it live anyways where you can actually see the chord- and you didn’t touch on the arpeggiated part at the end of the chorus

  16. Does anyone have tabs and a visual representation of them? Thanks

  17. the second chord is it cmaj7/G?

  18. what’s the strumming pattern?

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