How to play Strong Enough by Sheryl Crow (Acoustic Guitar Lesson SB-123)

Guitar Lesson Tutorial: Strong Enough-Sheryl Crow
More Info:
In this guitar lesson we’re checking out how to play Strong Enough by the incredible Sheryl Crow, a super cool tune in 6:4!

This song is from The Justinguitar Acoustic Songbook which contains 50 songs for progressing guitar players into playing acoustic guitar. More info:

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  1. Wow, great lesson and I love the singer! She's great!

  2. Matthew Holland

    Great lesson thank you!

  3. Beautiful Voice !!!!

  4. Good_king_guitarman

    Is that a Mambo T shirt you're wearing?

  5. Hey Justin, I am a big fan of your tutorial. Can you please tell me which microphone you used to record audio of this video or the arrangement of making youtube video?

  6. dude your awesome.

  7. Thanks Justin

  8. Justin, I love the way you present these lessons. They're perfect! Thanks!

  9. Great tutorial. Learnt it in a day thanks to you! 🙂

  10. Jumping from the D chord to the G chord at the 3:20 mark, why not use the 3rd finger to hit the E string 3rd fret ?

  11. garethonthetube

    Excellent tutorial!

  12. 11 people aren't strong enough to handle this song's beauty.

  13. ElivsIsAlive15

    What a voice! Hell yeah, good job guys! 🙂

  14. Thanks for breaking it down to the timing in 6/4, definitely helps!!

  15. That girl doesn't suck

  16. Nice tab

  17. Takingout thetrash

    WOW this girl suck !!!, guy with the guitar – awesome !!!

  18. I think Sheryl Crow actually uses her 1st finger to play the G on the 6th string, which makes a lot of sense as it isn't occupied with the hammer-on just before jumping to the low string. I find it a lot more fluid to play it like this, too.

  19. thank u so much Justin, you're the best!

  20. THANKS A LOT! I really appreciate your tutorial! I got it down perfectly in two nights of practice! THANKS THANKS THANKS! greetings from Palestine! 😀

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