How to Play "Sultans of Swing" by Dire Straits (Chords and Rhythm)

Hey guys! Marty here again from “MartyMusic!” I really appreciate you supporting all of this brand new content and channel! Anyway here’s the first part of “Sultans of Swing” where I cover the rhythm and chord progression. A couple of the main riffs as well. Don’t worry, I’m working on the solo stuff too! Thanks again, see you guys real soon!


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  1. Thanks for supporting me with "MartyMusic!" Also you get a free multi-hour guitar course when you sign my newsletter at >>>>>>>>>>>>>>THANK YOU!

  2. ZeyZerX Why do I need a last name?

    I’ll learn this in like 15 years.

  3. Repka Marci Ytv

    Thank you Marty !

  4. You didnt teach the very start of the video

  5. What the hell are you doing with that pick in your hands!?

  6. Marty, did you ever get to the lesson with all the licks? I can’t find it,

  7. Great lesson, down to the point and very well displayed. Others spend too much time describing note by note and makes it very difficult to follow. Thanks

  8. Daniel Campbell

    Another awesome video marty. I've learned so much watching your videos. Keep on rockin dude

  9. Lessons of Strings

    Very nicely prepared lesson …Thanks for sharing

  10. austin charles smith

    Marty your showing us and teaching is incredible. Please do also sing along it would help even more.

  11. austin charles smith

    Marty you teaching is incredible. But we like you to sing as well

  12. I cant understand how he plays the open c chord muted!

  13. Kevin Honeycutt

    I learned more in 15 minutes with this video than all of the videos I've ever used to learn on YouTube!

  14. No new comments? Seems like everybody already learnt how to play it. I’m the last one then. Great tutorial.

  15. Awesome vid! everything summarise! great for lazy guitar players like me who need to learn a song fast! thanks

  16. Could you maybe in the future show the positions of the fingers on the cords

  17. No pick allowed for Knopfler stuff!

  18. filip filipindza

    What pedal do you use to get that crisp, sharp sound?

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