How to play Sunshine Of Your Love by Cream, Eric Clapton (Guitar Lesson SB-306)

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Guitar Lesson Tutorial: Sunshine Of Your Love-Cream
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In this guitar lesson we’re going to learn how to play Sunshine Of Your Love by Cream featuring of course the great Eric Clapton. This is an all time classic riff, pretty easy to play, but to really nail it may take some time.

This song is from the JustinGuitar Rock Songbook:

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  1. You nailed it

  2. Patrice boudot-lamot

    perfect job mate : excellent boulot l'ami

  3. Thanks mann one of the best tutoriols ever seen on youtube

  4. Great lesson Justin. What's the year and spec of your 335 ?

  5. out of all lessons i have heard, this is the best…. good stuff Justin.

  6. 2019

  7. Nice lesson as always!

  8. Excellent lesson by the great Norm McDonald 😉


  10. Preston - Roblox And More!

    Tip: The lesson starts at 2:03
    hope this helped!

  11. I'm 53 and I want to learn how to play the guitar so bad. I'll invest the time. Question, could someone learn how to play the guitar just by you – tube?

  12. Darrell Middleton

    In 8th on the E a C ?

  13. I just heard the song with the guitar isolated. Nobody has shown the variances I heard and you show. Thank you

  14. Doesn't get the first four chords of the riff right. They should have sevens in them.

  15. Dannielle Mechling

    I'm giving you some awesome props cap! You caunt tell it, well maybe you caun, but aum pullin out my awesome fake auccent.

    Love your videos, you rock!

  16. Steven James Scearce

    I’ve viewed a lot of Sunshine guitar lesson vids and I think you’re the only one that gets it right, Justin. Cheers!

  17. Great lesson. Quite the tal.

  18. how to buy this in the USA???

  19. Thanks Justin for your good lessons

  20. Spectacular class.

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