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  1. I glad I found your video I'm a beginner and you made it easy to understand..this song has an awesome bass line and now I can play it. Thanks man

  2. you have such amazing content! I feel like a musician already!

  3. Ibanez EDR series are some of the best guitars Ibanez ever made. I don't get why they only made them for 1-2 years.

  4. you make amazing tutorials, I have learned a lot from you. Thank you so much

  5. Your welcome

  6. Good super freak

  7. Like how you keep it simple, actually learning. Thank you mucho time to get some practice in.

  8. Rockabilly Rebel21

    Can I use a guitar amp for bass?

  9. Thank you for breaking it down. Not Im putting a little funk in it and living the groove and loving learning music.

  10. Another great tutorial. Thanks for doing this. What are the chances that we can get a tutorial for 'Mary Jane'?

  11. Awesome. Eric, you ROCK!!!

  12. Your tutorials are great. You pick up on details in the songs that many overlook.

  13. Thank you so much. What a Fun-ky song to play.

  14. Austin Van Meter Visuals

    Like the content a ton

  15. Eric, I love your channel! Can you do a guitar tutorial to "Rock Box" by Run DMC? Thanks for reading………..

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