how to play “Sweet Emotion” on guitar by Aerosmith – rhythm guitar lesson

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For more information on this lesson go here:–rhythm.html

An electric guitar lesson on how to play the rhythm guitar parts to “Sweet Emotion” by Aerosmith from their 1975 album “Toys In the Attic.”



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  1. Always fantastic videos! Very accurate! Thank you for the good teaching!

  2. Shutup & Play - guitar tutorials

    For more information on this lesson go here:–rhythm.html

  3. Jeff Porcaro Groove

    As usual perfect tone… way underrated bass line

  4. thank you… did you create the backing track?

  5. hola podes tocar st john de aerosmith

  6. Your lessons are always excellent . Thank you.

  7. sounds so good

  8. totally right about the subtle groove of aerosmith riffs, easy to get almost right.

  9. Funny but reminds me of Steve Jobs but also that was one of the things about Shut's stuff and the way it is so easy to see what he is doing. It's kind of genius. It's his trademark and it's strange that he is only one who thought of it and to this day the only one who presents his stuff this way. No distractions, no tab, just clear well recorded, at the right angle, right light, brilliant guitar work. His stuff is for more advanced players who use their ears and can do it alone but just need a little help on the tricky parts. I always feel like I am at a rehearsal or practicing and my buddy is saying "Let me show you how this is really played." I don't know how he thought of this style and format but it is the best I have ever seen or heard and perfect for me.

  10. Parenthetically, Shut you have the sheet when it comes to your ear. It freaks me out when you point out little things and then I go back to listen to the original recording and I have to say "Yes damn it, he is right!" It bugs me and makes me laugh in amazement at the same time. Did you always have this ear or was it something that you developed with practice?

  11. Hey shut up have you ever thought about doing Snowy White's "Bird of Paradise" ???
    I think its a great tune and his guitar work has a very vocal emotional quality to it. Thanks buddy and keep up the great work. Russell

  12. shutup and play guy, do you get mad puss for being this incredible at guitar??

  13. just curious u own any other shirts….lol…just kidding. …great video…

  14. Glad you put that part in there about over playing (7:00). It is a main thing about any music especially with rock guitar.

  15. Fantastic! Thank you SOOOO much! Honestly, just great!

  16. Great lesson…never realized they where so good.

  17. I want to smash my guitar to pieces. I can't learn this.

    (Edit) Never mind, it just sounds like shit on my acoustic. Thanks for the help brother.

  18. Damn..this guy's good !!

  19. Deans Mayhem (Deansmayhem)

    Great lesson!

  20. Love this lesson! Jammed on this tune for years, but knew I was messing up a bit.

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