How to Play “Sweet Home Alabama” on Guitar – Lynyrd Skynyrd Guitar Tutorial

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  1. damn u got big fingers

  2. Please do Hocus pocus by focus

  3. Well done Marty !!!!

  4. Ed King isn;t playing like this instruct how Ed K plays

  5. Respect Marty

  6. Great lessons Marty you are a great musician

  7. I really suck at this one

  8. kimimashin krueger

    daym you have bunch of guitar

  9. Boy this is a hard one to do it all together quickly and changing finger positions.

  10. Sorry Marty, I really want to like your videos. When you're teaching you're great but I honestly think 10 minutes of this 19:27 minute video is watching you noodle. You can call it "providing context" but to me it just breaks the flow of learning and pulls me out of what we're doing.

  11. Awesome tutorials! Learned 3 songs in 2 weeks thanks to you lessons even if im a bloody beginner

  12. my mom has this as her ringtone

  13. Your the man Marty

  14. Panic in brendon's forhead

    My brother said if l learn this he will get me a Destortion pedal

  15. Dominic Schumacher

    I love ur videos man. Thanks to you I mastered Another brick in the Wall. Can't wait to have this one down. Keep it up. Could you also do Time.

  16. You should try to find out how to play jukebox hero. Your videos are sweet. They help a lot thanks

  17. I love this song beyond words ❤️

  18. Can I play this on acoustic

  19. Thanks for getting me back into the groove of playing the guitar.

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