How to Play – Tennessee Whiskey – Chris Stapleton – Guitar Lesson-Tutorial

How to Play - Tennessee Whiskey - Chris Stapleton - Guitar Lesson-Tutorial

Please watch: “Zombie by The Cranberries – Guitar Lesson – Easy Beginner” –~–
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Tennessee Whiskey – Chris Stapleton.
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  1. Blane Phillips

    What kind of guitar is that

  2. George rocked it too !!!

  3. all he did was use the lyrics from tennesse whiskey and the music and rhythm from etta james 'id rather go blind." he didnt put the soul into the song. it's just a good cover.

    not hating, these are just the facts.

  4. What guitar is that?

  5. CAN YOU DO , Folsom

  6. THANKS MAN! I lost my Capo so I needed this :p And you got the intro 🙂 Saved my soul man 🙂 Apprieciatchya!

  7. Deepti Vishwakarma

    can you please provide me the guitar tutorial for the song BROKEN ONES by jacquie lee?

  8. Kinda funny, I'm the 1000th liker

  9. There's a d chord there…you play the A then swap to D and back to A

  10. This is the version of Tennessee Whiskey perfomed by Chris Stapleton and Justin Timberlake at the CMA awards. I would like to thank everyone for the subs and for all the views. If you like our method and what you see, we ask that you please share it on Social Media so we can continue to do this, it would be much appreciated. Thank you all for your support!

  11. more than two chords.

  12. I'm catching on pretty fast! I'm so excited because I'm new at guitar but was always so eager to learn. The first note you play I can't tell if you're saying E or B ?

  13. Stephane Perron

    Let's start the song – 2:21 -Thanks for the lesson

  14. Liked it, man keep up the good work

  15. Super confusing video atleast run through hand placement I cant tell how you're hammering on the strings either.

  16. Im so confsued do inokay a or b minor what the hell is going on it made sense till you just jumped in and explained nothing

  17. Robert Carpenter

    Did you seriously suggest Chris Stapleton's version is BETTER than George Jones' version? Holy crap, you're clueless.

  18. I thought there was a D in there somewhere

  19. Look up Etta James. I rather go blind.Thats the original

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