How To Play “The A Team” by Ed Sheeran – Guitar Lesson

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  1. Thank you for this tutorial! I believe I am pretty late in learning how to play the guitar (as I am 22 years old, was never able to play a full song properly) but for a beginner like me, you were able to explain the process and how to just enjoy playing. I am very greatful for this, and this helped me learn my first guitar song! (I haven't mastered it yet but I think I sound good for a beginner because of this tutorial) Thank you! Please continue making tutorials like this!

  2. Chloe Nelson Music

    I'm doing the same, I'm young and I want to try and teach myself how to play this some

  3. Aaditya Shrestha

    this was very very helpful..

  4. To what part of the lyrics you call the pre-chorus? I get lost trying to make it fit in the pre-chorus and chorus.
    Thanks for the tutorial!!

  5. Could you please write down what the original strumming pattern is?

  6. Mr. Invulnerable

    Thanks dude you were very helpful

  7. You are a really patient and instructive teacher. Thank you for taking the time to teach people for free and sharing music with others.

  8. what is this wierd C?

  9. the strumming pattern in the beginning is done by hitting the sixth string pluck down strum and then a full strum down, full strum up, sixth string pluck down, full strum up, full strum down, full strum up. so ddududu.

  10. thank you steve! you're an amazing teacher and what you said about music supposed to be a fun thing is amazing. thank you very much!! :)

  11. Can you tell me the strumming pattern ?

  12. What's the strumming pattern

  13. With the G chord, my 3rd finger keeps on slipping away as I changed chords! Any advice?

  14. I loved this so much very helpful thank you!!

  15. thanks a lot for this! makes it so much easier to learn the song 🙂 great video!

  16. Best instructional video I have seen. Thanks!!

  17. Mauro López Ojeda

    Wtf the exact same chords in the exact same order as youre veautiful by james blunt

  18. Great tutorial man, keep it up!

  19. I'm quite difficult to figure out the rhythm of the music, the movements with the hand such as Up Down Down Up… , can you tell me how it's gonna be in this way?

  20. I just subscribed to your channel. Thank you so much for this tutorial Sir! It was really really helpful! I really love this song:) Keep it up!

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