How to play The Cave by Mumford & Sons (Acoustic Guitar Lesson SB-114)

Guitar Lesson Tutorial: The Cave-Mumford & Sons
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In this guitar lesson we’re checking out The Cave by Mumford and Sons, great fun song to play!

This song is from The Justinguitar Acoustic Songbook which contains 50 songs for progressing guitar players into playing acoustic guitar. More info:

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  1. When I first started my dad taught me not to tune with the capo on and I guess I never questioned it. Why do you suggest tuning with it on?

  2. Justin, you have amazing videos! I love the way you teach!
    But most of all, I like how you do this mini preview of the song before the lesson and it gets me all pumped up!

  3. 1:21 the coolest time

  4. please do some more Mumford

  5. Hey Justin!

    Thank you so much for this great tutorial! The best one I've found for this song by far!



  6. such an infectious smile

  7. You sound great in this one justin

  8. i have a solution for the fingersqueezer chord… just play 2st string 10th and 4th string the 9th. leave all others open, there is no reason to give up the volume of the open strings by fingertrouble with middle and ringfinger. especially beginners will always have a noticeable noise coming with it, which doesnt really fit in. never the less, thank you for the tutorial!

  9. Hey Justin, great lesson really cool song to learn and good fun to play. Any chance of doing some more M&S songs like I Will Wait? Keep doing what you do man, you're class

  10. I learned this song on a much simpler tab from But since i don't think that tab really sounds like the song, i implemented some of this video into it. Now it sounds great! Great video!

  11. I really enjoyed it learning

  12. 9:42 "Fantastic set of chords, really. Properly beautiful" – Justin

  13. I thought it was Norm Macdonald lol..great video btw

  14. One of my favourite songs! THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!

  15. Really great man! thanks!

  16. Really great man! thanks!

  17. you really made this simple, thanks!!

  18. Philip Anderson Petitpas

    Justin, you're a a beaut! Keep rocking' my man.

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