How To Play – The Cure – Friday I’m In Love – Acoustic Guitar Lesson – EASY

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How To Play – The Cure – Friday I’m In Love – Acoustic Guitar Lesson EASY Brett Papa papastachepop papastache102 papastache


  1. For those that have trouble with bar chords, is there an easier chord to play that sounds close enough to the B?

  2. great tutoring! simple and correct!

  3. i sort of hate you

  4. Paulo Renato Aquino

    this guy´s good! congrats!!

  5. Fernando Losilla

    great, thx

  6. more up strokes on the second chords in each pair

  7. This man is a great guitar teacher and yet he terrifies me as a human being.

  8. great!!! thank you

  9. Awesome tutorial, man! What Martin series is your guitar???

  10. at 4th minute which accord is it?

  11. Finally got the strumming pattern down! Thanks dude!

  12. Guitar sounds gorgeous

  13. Great tutorial. Thanks for doing it.

  14. what do you do with a drunken sailor? Give him a guitar tuner great lesson.

  15. hi papastache, what about the little stuff you play at the end? it is cooooool !

  16. Intro G open, B 3rd fret, e open, e 2nd fret, e open, B 3rd fret, e open. D,G,D,A,Bm,G,D,AG,A,Bm,D,ABm, C,D,A,Bm,C,D,A,Bm,C,D,A,Bm,C,D,A,D,G,D,A,Bm,G,D,A,D.

  17. Alexander Gillanders

    As a drunk sailor, sir, watch your insults!

  18. great tutorial. thanks

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