How to play The Heart Of Saturday Night by Tom Waits (Acoustic Guitar Lesson SB-107) + cover

Guitar Lesson Tutorial: The Heart Of Saturday Night-Tom Waits
More Info:
In this guitar lesson we’re going to check out how to play The Heart Of Saturday Night by Tom Waits. One of my all time favourite songs.

This song is from The Justinguitar Acoustic Songbook which contains 50 songs for progressing guitar players into playing acoustic guitar. More info:

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  1. SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Great song, great teaching and lovely Maton Messiah guitar. Thanks Justin, much appreciated by another Tassie fella.

  3. Hey Justin, great song, great video! Hands down one of my favorite songs ever. Does something for me to I just can’t explain. Keep up the good work brother!

  4. Professor Curiosity

    Nothing to say except great cover and great tutorial. Thanks so much Justin!

  5. thanks Justin

  6. Thanks Justin. i've been playing this ( my version ) for quite a while and already loved the song. I didn't play it in drop D and there were a few other differences in my version. Caught this video and liked it quite a bit better seeings though it sounds more like Waits version. Because I was playing it wrong for so long, it was really hard to learn it the right way but I've got it now. My advice to beginners= if you're going to learn a song, try and learn it the way it should be. Shortcuts are ok sometimes but only if it isn't too noticeable. Thanks again. You've got some great tutorials.

  7. Panagiotis Papandreou

    Hey Justin, awesome work with the Tom Waits stuff. What a man…
    I would really love a lesson on ''dead and lovely'' !!! I can catch a little bit of the chords, but the strumming is so weird…
    Please consider it. And keep up the good work

  8. Great lesson. I've nailed it. I'd love to see you deconstruct Tom Waits' Jersey Girl. Any chance of this?

  9. Great arrangement. Aren't you actually playing the bass part too? I looked at every live version of Tom doing it I could find and like the record the guitar playing is much more sparse. Huge fan and when I first heard the album when it came out I wondered who the bass player was. It was some of the most melodic soulful bass playing I'd ever heard and IMHO carried the instrumentation. (Causing me to buy a fretless bass) I researched it and it was Jim Hughart on bass(also on Nighthawks at the Diner), an old jazzer who'd played with Sinatra, Joe Pass, and a million studio sessions. In an interview he said he was hoping he would be credited for some of the writing because Tom came in with the lyrics on napkins and just a rough sketch of the tune and the musicians would come up with the parts. Hughgart predates Jaco and I thought he was Hughart when I first heard him. But anyway Tom is a genius and continues to amaze after all these years. And great job on your arrangement on including the bass lines.

  10. You are a great tutor Justin, everything explained in detail, nothing missing.You are my go to guy when I want to learn a song, keep it up mate, you are THE best.

  11. Thanks for showing us this. I would work on your vocal phrasing a little and you got it. For example, put some spacing between gassed her up, and behind the wheel. Cheers!

  12. I absolutely love this song! it's the perfect song for a perfect night around a fire in the woods! makes it even more amazing to now know how to play this song on guitar!
    And wow, wow, wow!!! – your voice is amazing!!!!!

  13. merci merci youre a good teacher !

  14. Your are an awesome teacher. i am probably advanced beginner level, and this is quite a challenge for me, but you do a great job demonstrating and explaining. Thank you so very much. Just found your site. Will be following you and purchasing materials over the next few months.

  15. Genius! (Teacher as well as Tom)

  16. I've enjoyed playing the bass part along with your rendition. Using an acoustic bass guitar instead of an upright double bass.

  17. excellent job could u do dead flowers the way townes van zant plays it,????

  18. one of my favorites … thanks Justin

  19. This is great! Thank you.
    I have to ask, what is the deal with your pickguard? it looks like some sort of overlay repair.
    Great lesson!

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