How to Play The Hollies “Long Cool Woman (in a Black Dress)” on Guitar – Guitar Lesson

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  1. Thanks for supporting MartyMusic! Also I have Tons of FREE courses at my site

  2. i hope if you let,s stay together al lgreen but otherwise your terrific teacher

  3. Hello from Spokane Washington USA

  4. Awesome video! It helped me a lot!

  5. David guitar madman

    I'm probably wrong but the intro to this song predates alot of early metal songs…like Metallica and Megadeth who use this same intro or it's variance to many of their acclaimed hits. At any rate, it's a cascading progression that definitely influenced me!!! Thanks!

  6. I think everybody has thought this was Creedence at some point or another. I even poured through the CCR catalogue looking for it. Excellent and useful lesson!

  7. Stately Video! It helped me a lot!

  8. Awesome tutorial! I’ve Big fan for a long time. You should do a tutorial for One Big Holiday by My Morning Jacket.

  9. Great Lesson Marty. I would love a lesson on CCR's It came out of the sky.

  10. Can you please do "Doing alright" by queen?

  11. Please do any jimmy eat world song

  12. I just want to say thanks Marty you have made me the gutarist I am today I learned almost everything I know about guitar from u so just wanna say thanks for giving me something that I can keep with me the rest of my life

  13. Love it Marty…love this Intro lick ..Im on it dude…pumpy lil classic right here…

  14. Sorry you’d beter listen to the original again

  15. Can you do a tutorial of OneRepublic heaven

  16. Right on Marty, I had been trying to play this with tab only and you come swooping in and save the day again! As always, you're the best at this!

  17. Please can you do a tutorial on ruby red by slade

  18. Notable Video! It assisted me a lot!

  19. Literally every song I search up to learn, Marty has a video. Love this page

  20. I know this is a little different but do you think you could make a video on the guitar riff of FIFA by Pusha T?

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