How To Play The Intro to Bon Jovi "Wanted Dead or Alive" Guitar Lesson

Learn this 80’s classic on acoustic guitar!

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  1. Why is the guy who looks like Viggo Mortensen the only ad that comes up before all your tutorials?

  2. God I'm shit

  3. I freaking love you dude best freaking teacher

  4. Marco Santiagososa


  5. Man you are cool as a fan

  6. Thank you for posting. It'd be great if you could re-record this with a 12-string. It would sound a lot more accurate.

  7. How's I miss this one Marty! Been busy with the "Kitchen Sink" lessons on your site! Learning TONS! CAGED is the secret…. 😉

  8. Thanks Marty, You have help me and I enjoy the way you teach.

  9. Thanks Marty..Your style confirmed my fingerpicking. Great job of Simplification/Explanation over ALL the other lessons out on the web. I prefer fingerpicking to flatpicking. As soon as I got to your lesson it verified that my style was correct. Now, I just have to pick up the tempo as I work on the chord memory, which is simple, but up to speed the difficulty mounts. I will repeat it 30 times 3 times a day until I can play it sleeping; which is my practice schedule everyday while learning new songs. Love to the Power Ballads. Long live the 80s HairBands. A Huge Thanks to you. You were the first and best instructor/player I subscribed to when the web gave us lessons.

  10. crunkturtle 420

    Thank you for you amazing teaching Marty I've learned 6 songs now all from your videos

  11. Thanks my friend. Was able to pick this up in about 20 minutes. I'm sure my gf will like it : )

  12. Nastynates garage Fine

    Always use your lessons been playing 2 years with your help!!!! Thank you!! Marty!!! You Rock!!!

  13. Best teacher around, thanks Marty

  14. I'm going through this play list. One track per day. Thanks for providing the inspiration for my next goal Marty!!

  15. Hello Marty. Thanks for the video. As i'm practicing, my left thumb is hurting. Am I doing something wrong?

  16. how about Highway song blackfoot

  17. This is the song that made want to learn to play guitar, excellent lesson

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