How to Play The Major Pentatonic Scale – Bass Guitar Lesson

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In this lesson, electric and upright bassist Jared Plane presents the major pentatonic scale. The major pentatonic scale is one of the most important scales for musicians of all genres, fields and instruments to learn. It’s a derivative of the minor pentatonic scale, as it has all the same notes, just played in a different order. For example the C major pentatonic scale and the A minor pentatonic scale share all the same notes, and are therefore harmonically equivalent.

The notes in the C major pentatonic scale are, C, D, E, G and A. These can be viewed at the root, major second, major third, perfect fifth and major sixth scale degrees.

The scale, like all scales, should be practised in a number of different patterns and variations. Practise it from the bottom to the top of your instrument’s range; in scale tone thirds; in three and four note groupings. If you want to extend any of these exercises out to fourths, fifths or beyond feel free, it will strengthen your understanding of the scale, and dexterity between the left and right hands.

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I hope you enjoyed this video lesson, and keep on practising!
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  1. Very good!!!

  2. Amazingly helpful. Thank you for posting this.

  3. Sounds great and great vido. Well, I'm a bass player too but play different type of bass instrument (Tuba) lol. 

  4. Hi! The instrumental is my own quartet!The full track is available on this channel. The song is called, "Just Around The Corner".

  5. Where can I get the instrumental played at the beginning of the video?

  6. You are a great teacher Mr. Jared! The video has helped me a lot!

  7. Great as always, Jared!!

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