How To Play The Pretender by Foo Fighters Guitar Lesson Tutorial Full Song Play Through Rock

Lesson starts at 04:28. In this guitar lessons we’re checking out how to play The Pretender by The Foo Fighters. We’ll check out many of the parts and layers and look at how they fit together. At the start I thought I’d try a new thing (for me) a full song play through. You dig?

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  1. Yes, dig the idea!

  2. Fantastic performance! The play-through is a great idea.

  3. The full song play through is very cool! I dig it.

  4. How come this ain't on the Song channel?
    Thumbs up on the new format

  5. If you aren't having that much fun playing a cover, something is wrong! Fantastic video Justin.

  6. Love the Foo Fighters, so glad to hear more is coming. I also liked the full play through at the beginning. Keep up the good work!

  7. I cant even stretch my index finger far enough to play the first chord

  8. Perfect as always, thanks!

  9. Re play through. Maybe it would be good to put links in the description or on the video, to skip to the beginning of the tutorial section… If you are doing it that way around. I think it's great though. Great work.

  10. Yeah, finally a new song! The new 4K setup really pays out here! Also really digging the playthrough. You really set the bar a whole lot higher with your new setup.

  11. AWESOME MAN! You're the best!

  12. Awesome idea Justin. Love a full play through before the lesson. Also gives something to play along with after learning and practicing the song.

  13. Max Carton Guitar

    Amazing idea Justin! Loved how you did this, great for beginners and more advanced players!

  14. The play through idea is great ! You're the best man

  15. The playthrough might work great here, but maybe not with all songs (when most parts are the same). But I always loved this song and thanks for sharing. Wrong channel though 🙂

  16. Great to see you rocking out! Just awesome

  17. Yes, yes, yes ! Play through first always appreciated

  18. I'm knackered just watching you, awesome dude…

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