How to Play “The Pretender” by The Foo Fighters – Guitar Lesson – Tutorial

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  2. You should do kiss songs

  3. Dude, you are hands down, the best guitar instructor around.

  4. Great job with your explanation and technique.

  5. You should do a video on ain’t it a life

  6. What tuning is this in?

  7. Hi Marty. I would love to see a video on The Cult's She Sells Sanctuary.

  8. So good. I'm 46 with short chubby fingers but that wont stop me
    This my first time picking up a guitar and I am addicted.
    What a great channel.
    Cheers Mick

  9. my fingers cant spread that far to hit the index finger 🙁

  10. You play it really well, but I do not envy the tendons in your right hand with all of those downstrokes.

  11. Hector Rodriguez

    um can you play this on Acoustic?

  12. I would pay for a foo fighters – all my life lesson all these other teachers suck lol ive made most progress with you thank you

  13. Awesome lesson but you didn’t do the whole song Marty :-0

  14. Philipp Sandriesser

    Which guitar is this?

  15. ItsJustGrantVlogs

    What kind of guitar is that

  16. it's actually a aminor not a chord

  17. Unbearable Gaming

    How do you get your guitar to sound like that

  18. Very nice, thank you Marty

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