how to play “The Rain Song” on guitar by Led Zeppelin Part 2 – electric guitar lesson

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An electric guitar lesson on how to play “The Rain Song” by Led Zeppelin. This is another real classic Led Zeppelin track off of the “Houses of the Holy” album released way back in 1973.

This lesson goes over the electric guitar parts. There’s some duplication, but there are also some really neat bits that the acoustic doesn’t do. If you’re playing this as a solo piece, you’re probably going to want to combine bits from both lessons.

I had a really great time working out, recording the parts and planning the lesson to this tune. I hope you have fun playing the song!

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  1. The Boy Who Cried Pizza

    Could you cover 10 ribs & all/carrot pod pod from the Presence deluxe edition album? Love your lessons man, they are always spot on.

  2. This guy's lessons and playing are so good there's not even one person being an ass in the comments! That in itself is an accomplishment. Best lesson videos on YouTube in my opinion. Great work and thank you.

  3. Tell you what dude, I am a geetar player for many years, but I have to tell you, you have the touch, I am going with you for anything concerning the guitar… you are gooood…. thanks bud….

  4. You and your channel are gold

  5. man, i learned this song on youtube a while back but nobody showed all the little fills like you did. kudos to you bro for helping me play the song 100%. great job and thanks!

  6. dahm good teacher

  7. Shut up wanna listen to some songs for me and transcribe what is going on? Cause your ear is phenom. Great work on a great song. The songs are Cuban Slide and Porcelain by Pretenders live at the Capitol Theater 1981 some pretty cool guitar work its here on youtube I think. Oddly enough I think Jim Scott had the exact same guitar as you do.

  8. Great lesson ,Great teacher ,Thanks !

  9. Great! Thank you!!!

  10. So many thanks!

  11. I always thought that the electric distortion totally ruined the sound when Led Zeppelin played this song live onstage. (BTW, the live versions were played a full step higher than the studio version in the key of A, for whatever reason, perhaps the original production tape was slowed down in the final mix or perhaps because the higher tuning required only 2 rather than 5 strings to be re-tuned and was thus more convenient in the live situation.) To me, the distorted live sound was never appropriate and unfaithful to the spirit of the track, although kudos to Zeppelin for performing this number live in any case. Back in the day, acoustic amplification technology was lacking and the only way to perform this song live was with the electric guitar, and Jimmy Page always played the Gibson double-neck's 6-string neck for this song, to segue from "The Song Remains The Same" as on the album and also to used the 6-string re-tuned to the D-G-C-G-C-D (now E-A-D-A-D-E) alternate tuning which was then later re-tuned to standard tuning backstage to later accommodate "Stairway To Heaven". The '95 Page/Plant UNLEDDED acoustic version of "The Rain Song" was superior IMHO, not to mention the use of a live string section. But it's definitely a fan favorite and for good reason! :)

  12. Hello, would Page have played this with a Les Paul through a Vox or Marshal amp?

  13. very, very nice !! best on you tube. I thank you very much. contributing soon

  14. Thanks for the tutorial on The Rain Song along with your short tube amp education in the electric guitar tutorial(same song). 

  15. I have been working with your video for the lst month.  It is really, really a great tutorial!  Thanks so much!  One question…what kid of amp are you playing through to get your sound?

  16. Steve please play Achilles Last Stand. Thank you. 

  17. Excellent. Can you explain Jimmy Pages greatness in your words ??? I'd enjoy your take on him. Thank you sir.

  18. You are a great teacher , very clear explanation even the hardest part you made it easy to understand. You are awesome! 

  19. Thank you for the great lesson! What I wonder is that the upper strings kinda sound really tight. ( if that's the word for it) What type and gauge  of strings do you use with the electric guitar?

  20. Great tutorial as usual thank you.
    Can you tutorial time in a bottle by jim Croce next. Keep it up!

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