How To Play – The Script – Hall Of Fame – Beginner Chords – Acoustic Guitar Lesson

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How To Play – The Script – Hall Of Fame – Beginner Chords – Acoustic Guitar Lesson Brett Papa papastachepop papastache102
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  1. so good

  2. is it necessary to put capo

  3. RobloxVideos LH (RobloxVids)

    This is very amazing 😉 Hall of Fame is my second favourite song and I'd love to learn this song so that I can perform it in assembly for my whole school. Is there possibly an easy version of this? I'm young and am not that great with guitars, though I used to do guitar lessons with my aunt and also I do guitar lessons in my school. I'd love for you to make an easier version of this for beginners of guitars 😉 Maybe just saying stuff like: 'This is a G note and this is how it goes (Plays G note) so that's how you do it, you basically just use these fingers and you also do a D note so that it will make a…..' Blah blah, like that. But anyway, I would really appreciate an easier version of this. I tried doing it the way you showed me and it didn't quite go so well. I just would like to learn this so that I can show my school in an assembly. Not begging, just saying that I, and probably some other people would like an easier tutorial on how to do this. Thank you so much, and please reply saying if you think you might do a bit of an easier version of this just so beginners will understand it just that little bit more. Thanks ;)

  4. wow thanks 

  5. nice

  6. Awesome tutorial, thank you so much!

  7. the strumind is DDUDU DDUDU

  8. play your gonna go far kid

  9. hey you should be a teacher

  10. Here..

  11. Fun studio production

    come on this is love the way you lie not Hall of fame you dumbo

  12. tacticalstuff 101

    fetty wap

  13. What the strumming pattern ? Is it DUDU repeating ?

  14. Desmond Fernandez

    need the bass tabs for this song…………….plz help me need the tabs in two days……..

  15. Oreolistening? Oreosure?

    What do you call that and how do you do it at 00:11?

  16. awesome, love it!

  17. You are amazing, thank you :D

  18. plz make a video of BATTLE SCARS .I am a beginner and i know only APOYANDO plz 

  19. i talk like jack black

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