How to play the Summer of 69 by Bryan Adams – Guitar Lesson Tutorial

Guitar Lesson Tutorial: How to play the Summer of 69 by Bryan Adams
More info:
In this guitar lesson tutorial we’re going to learn Summer of 69 by Bryan Adams, we’ll look at the authentic way, a beginner easy play version and also also how to play that classic keyboard riff on guitar. Lesson ID BS-701.

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  1. Dude you Rock

  2. Norm McDonald?

  3. Controlled Anarchy

    great singing

  4. Justin, you are awesome! Started playing the guitar last September and you helped me a lot with my progress. Thank you!

  5. Themlingthei Mashangva

    sir justin can you give us a lesson for petra- beyond belief

  6. This is quality

  7. This guy is one of the best I found for learning songs quick

  8. Dude, you are such a legend

  9. wow this song brings back memories this was the song that got me into playing guitar. Didnt know any other bands or any songs in particular but i heard this song on dads mp3 list and yeh the rest is history.

  10. NiklasStøterau

    We need more Bryan Adams please! <3

  11. I've just got a couple of Justin's books on beginners and rock guitar in natty ring bound editions. Having the books showing chord shapes, tabs etc along  with seeing it done live on the tutorials is excellent. These YouTube lessons are free, I've no idea if Justin gets much revenue from the adverts so my hope is that he benefits from the book sales. I'll never get to buy him a pint to say thanks so buying his books is the next best thing!

  12. I just love that guitar. Wow, great sound!

  13. Andrew S Hinsley

    awesome lesson, thanks!

  14. dude, killed it

  15. Great lesson Justin, really appreciate it

  16. Guilherme Filho

    Justin, you are the best man, keep rocking!

  17. This was my fave growing up. Glad you covered it. Thank you

  18. hey justin teach us its my life

  19. One of my favourite tunes! Thankyou Justin!

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