How to play Times Like These – Foo Fighters Acoustic Beginners (Songs Guitar Lesson BS-990)

How to play Times Like These - Foo Fighters Acoustic Beginners (Songs Guitar Lesson BS-990)

Guitar Lesson Tutorial: Times like these-Foo fighters
More Info:
In this guitar lesson we’ll be checking out how to play Times Like These by The Foo Fighters, specifically the way Dave plays it live on acoustic, but we’ll look a bit at the electric riff too just cos it’s so cool.

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  1. Oh yeah….. Gonna learn this. Nice and easy for a change. Thanks Justin.
    Like the (B) referral to DG'S talent.

  2. lol * bastard!* lol

  3. anybody knows tje name of the chorus that justin explain when referring to the electric version , when he said "this is a cool chord", minute 06:54.

  4. rofl

  5. I did a cover of this song on my channel, please check it out. I'm just starting out so it would really help me if you could subcribe to my channel too. Thanks you so much

  6. Great video. Thanks

  7. Joel “ChallengeME” Pomerleau

    Justin your guitar book I bought says the intro to this song is dudud du dud dud ( may want to change that) been playing it wrong and couldn't tell what was going wrong.

  8. Nice!!!

  9. ..However thanks loads for those bloody cool riffs Justin.

  10. I like Justins vids, but this down up up down bom bom stuff drives me friggen mental. Ive been playing a while now and I think that just jamming along is better. If I,d given into my annoyance at this I,d have never have learned to play..and Im convinced that some just give up when they cant keep up.Just friggen play it. Just show the chord patterns and play it..Bom bom..I just want to bang my friggen head against the wall.

  11. Thank you.

  12. thanks Justin!!!!


  14. Can you maybe do a tutorial of the song 'Marigold' by the Foo fighters? I'd like to learn it!

  15. Thankyou Justin great lesson

  16. Thank you Justin, this is fun!!

  17. To help clear up anything on the D major note with the off/on. The strumming pattern is DUDUD DU UD DUD (D= DOWN, U= UP) and the off/on is:


    D off
    U on
    D on
    U off
    D on

    D off
    U on

    U off
    D on

    D off
    U on
    D on

    So, basically you hold your index finger off at the beginning of each strumming pattern, had some issue picking it up when I first watched this video so hope this helps!

  18. brilliant vid Justin, I find sometimes its great to have the strumming pattern down first if its any way complicated (an it don't take much to complicate me), this is really helpful, thanks a mill

  19. cool!

  20. respect justin

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