How to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on Guitar | EASY beginner lesson

How to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on Guitar | EASY beginner lesson

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In this series of videos, I’ll show you how to play the Major Scale then show you how to play 10 Songs/ melodies/ riffs that use these notes!

This video shows you how to play ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’, which demonstrates the similarity between some pop song melodies and nursery rhymes. Not just for kids- give it a go!

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  1. Thank you I am teaching myself using your video and your great thank you

  2. You have very slim hands

  3. aNdY yOu rOcK I kNowiwkaks how to apalallalwpallaplay my SEcsonsndjejsecond sOng I canan play

  4. chinedu eric ekediegwu


  5. Just to let you know you missed a bit “like a diamond in the sky”

  6. Please make a easy way to play the Harry potter theme

  7. do a toy gator

  8. thanks

  9. thank you for teaching me new songs

  10. First time trying this :0

  11. amazing bro,, you are awesome,,,, last time i learned the happy birthday song with your video,, and now i m trying to learn this beautiful poem…. keep it up bro,,, thank u very very much

  12. u taught me to play my first guitar song! Thanks!

  13. hhhhha hhhhha hahah

  14. Martha del Castillo

    AndyÑ you are SO GOOD, so charming and cute! I love all your videos and your tips-advise. I watch eaco one that I come across. By the way, I just love you accent. Thank you!

  15. Thabitha Mathews Mukiri

    plzzzz brother I need you raise me up song guitar play

  16. Thank You for this tutorial I have played my first song!! hahahahaha

  17. I know how to play that for about 20 weeks

  18. do we will rock you Andy 🙂 ;- )

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