How to play Unchained Melody by The Righteous Brothers (Guitar Lesson SB-410)

In this guitar lesson we’re checking out an acoustic fingerstlye version of Unchained Melody by The Righteous Brothers, though we look at the ‘chips’ used in the original recording too!

This song is from the JustinGuitar Vintage Songbook:

Taught by Justin Sandercoe.

* Big thanks to Salena * for joining me with the vocals on this one! more on:

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  1. Christine Lorencz

    Just beautiful….

  2. My sister asked me to play this song on her wedding… So I better start to learn it hahahaha.
    Cool tutorial. Cheers!!

  3. How can I get a book from you that has Unchained Melody in it ? There are several books from which to choose, and I don't know which one has this song. I wish I had it on a disc..I definitely want your books and other info, but my social security check doesn't go very far 🙁 A step at a time…You wouldn't believe how many times I've turned this on but h ave to play it in the dining room. I want it on my mind when I'm drifting off to sleep at night….

  4. really sympathetic guy! i love watching your video's (aswell as learning great songs obviously).

  5. Unchained Melody is my favorite. I want to learn to play that one…I want to learn to play ALL of them and you're a great teacher! I wish I could meet you personally, but that's a bit much…I'm thankful to have somebody like you on my computer.

  6. i like the way she is singing♥
    of course Justin's work is awsome.
    love from Japan♥

  7. beautiful

  8. Hia Justin i like way that you make your online Guitar lessons easy to understand and the way you break it down and think you are really great

  9. One really cool thing you can do if you're doing it fingerstyle is alternate the bass note. So the picking pattern will be: Thumb, 1, 2, 3+Thumb, 2, 1 and the bass note alternates between root on beats 1 and 7 and fifth on 4 and 10 (you'll have to make a C/G shape to get the G bass note when you're playing the C chord).

  10. "I A minor your E minor" lmfao! >;-D

  11. New Lyrics! :)

  12. Good golly I can hear sooooo much in her voice that she is holding back. If she ever really lets go and uses her full range….you tube will have to give yall a grammy. she has some pipes. I am a fan!!! what is her name? Does she record where can I buy her cds?

  13. Great song from Les Baxter!

  14.    I love music which is soft

  15. Great voice

  16. Lovely!!!!!!!!

  17. Great job Justin showing the various ways to play the song. Love the way you bring it over. 3 thumbs up and of a click on th like!

  18. Beautifully sung and played.  Thanks.

  19. easiar move d shape up 3 frett d sharp 

  20. Martyn Di Marcello

    Wow very good and check out martyn Di Marcello cover songs and comment and sub me as I love sharing people music 

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