How To Play UNDER PRESSURE David Bowie Freddie Mercury Queen Tribute Guitar Lesson

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  1. EricBlackmonGuitar

    Another One Bites The Dust HD Guitar Lesson

  2. spiritandsoulareone

    Concise tutorial. Well done. Subscribed.

  3. This is brilliant

  4. Thanks a lot

  5. James Band Entertainment-Production

    How to play A/G?

    Is it E string on third fret and F string on second fret only?

  6. James Band Entertainment-Production

    Why is you A7sus4 is different

  7. Excellent thank you

  8. Another great tutorial Eric!

  9. Nice job, man!! Simple, efficient, with no complications!!

  10. Thiago Andre cunha

    Excelente muito bem explicado parabéns e muito obrigado pela aula. Brasil

  11. I looked for the A7sus4 and I found sth you don't play here. What did I miss?

  12. alfin alguien que enseñe esta cancion.
    ahora solo me falta la voz de fredy xd

  13. Rodrigo Loureiro de Melo

    Many thanks!

  14. Great teacher thanks…

  15. Great Job Eric!!!!

  16. Another great tutorial, Eric. Thank you.

  17. jackfromtitanic233

    Very very good I love all your vids

  18. Ummm maybe I should pick up my acoustic for a little while. After you mentioned this song the other day I figured I'd look it up. Glad I did. You have gotten me to learn and use new chords. So instead of looking at a new song & seeing chords like A/G I would pass it on by. Figured it would be to complicated to learn and just play the standard major chord songs instead. Glad I got lucky enough to have you as my music teacher.

  19. nice

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