How to play Unknown Legend by Neil Young – Acoustic Guitar Lesson Tutorial (ST-913) Fingerstyle

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In this guitar lesson tutorial we’re going to learn how to play Unknown Legend by Neil Young. Lesson ID ST-913.

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  1. Hey Justin, I would like to say thank you because your such a good teacher and I'm very thankful that you do this for free. I have a song request which I would love because it's my dad's favourite song, it's called Young Folks by Peter Bjorn and John

  2. Wonderful. Are there any artists who do a similar strum/pick style with electric guitar and, possibly plectrum?

  3. love Neil Young, i've nailed Old man on the strength of your tutorial Justin, needle and the damage done is tricky for me with the pick but not a problem finger picked but not giving up.
    This one next on my list!
    Love your work maan!

  4. Stonesmad is right, you should do a songbook on neil young with your ability diagnose and detail what he are doing. i could have learned that song on my own but it wouldnt have sounded like neil young at all. and i could have learned james taylor's you've got a friend on my own but it would have sounded like crap also. you are the guy that points out the little suttlties that is turning my guitar playing from crap to cool Justin. good job man and another well deserved like to you

  5. I been watching Justin's for quite some time now. (+/- 7 yrs a guess) Simply to put beside providing great lesson his dialog and comment always put a smile for those who listen. Thanks a lot Justin….

  6. Hey man, could you do I and I by Bob Dylan?

  7. I've been trying this song since you posted the lesson. I never thought a two chord song could be so challenging to get right. I'll keep at it. Thanks for the post.

  8. And the hands keep moving… so she did too 🙂

    Thanks, my favorite, and I played it more easier way, but I'll learn the strum

  9. Yet another fave, from the same album. Thanks Justin!

  10. While impossible to pick a favorite from Neil's amazing catalog, Unknown Legend is right up there for me and to hear it performed (You even have the same body language as Neil nailed) by arguably the best guitar and Neil song specific teachers anywhere, it compels me to learn to play this beautiful song properly. I've always taken the easy and incorrect picking route. Hopefully Neil has many years left on earth to write and perform but when he is gone, you should carry on performing his music to audiences…thank you for making these known legendary songs accessible to the masses!

  11. Another excellent, spot-on NY lesson, Justin! Thanks, pal 🙂

  12. Hey Justin, haven't heard this one for years…thanks for the excellent lesson, I think I'll try it out.

  13. Mustapha Berokhrokh

    Could you do a video for nutshell by AIC ? that would be awesome

  14. Antonis Athanasiou

    Thats what makes Neil Young a legend, he says so much with so little!

  15. I couldn't identify the song by name, but one strum…Awesome lesson Justin!

  16. Excellent job Justin. This too is one of my favorite Neil Young songs… beautiful lyrics

  17. Yeah. Neil songbook. Great idea 🙂
    I notice you don't use the lav mic anymore and your guitar has reverb. Be great if you could run through your video set up. Cheers

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