How To Play Uptown Funk On The Bass Guitar & Break It Down Into 5 Simple Parts

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YT 043 – How To Play Uptown Funk On The Bass Guitar & Break It Down Into 5 Simple Parts

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In this lesson, James of eBassGuitar will teach you how to play Uptown Funk on the bass guitar and break it down into 5 simple parts. With this, you’ll have a much simpler way to play this popular and undeniably funky song.

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  1. Jesus wept that poor dog

  2. This lesson really SUCKS !!!

  3. Good info. Too long to get it out.

    Maybe lesson first then chatter. Don’t have time for long lesson

  4. One thing that is not mentioned is that it is recorded with a 5-string bass.

  5. Good God man! You took what should have been a 5 minute lesson and stretched it into almost 18 minutes and never touched on the lines that everyone is interested in learning. You should word your lesson "how play a simplified stripped down version of Uptown Funk" for beginners"

  6. Great ! Thanks a lot.

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