How to Play Wagon Wheel on Acoustic Guitar – Easy Strum Lesson

How to Play Wagon Wheel on Acoustic Guitar – Easy Strum Lesson
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In this acoustic guitar song lesson Jimmy Dillon shows you the chords for Wagon Wheel by Bob Dylan and the performance of Wagon Wheel by Old Crow Medicine Show. You learn how to strum the chords for Wagon Wheel and how to play the Wagon Wheel chords. This is an easy acoustic guitar song for beginners that is really fun to play and sounds great. It uses basic guitar chords and an easy acoustic strum pattern that makes it easy for you to learn how to play Wagon Wheel on acoustic guitar.

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0:37 Chords demonstrated
1:56 Right hand technique
3:05 Intermediate techniques

This Guitar Control video is about how to play Wagon Wheel on acoustic guitar, how to play guitar chords, and how to strum guitar


  1. great lesson thank you.

  2. I have a question to poise towards those whom are more knowledgeable than I on one if not many levels of playing guitar.  As I used the Metronome for certain elements of playing notes and passages,  I have never gotten it down to the science that the real players have.   So  I ask this and I m not sure to the degree I will be answered but.  If Necessary I would appreciate an online teacher who can get me nailed to the detail of getting timing down on all levels of playing.   I can use click tracks to get me in on any level but it may still sit ugly in the completerd effort.   I want to learn the exact science of music timing for guitar on all levels anyone here that competent

  3. Hey, Jimmy, the chords for Wagon Wheel actually leave out the E minor every other time, over the "hey momma rock me" part. So, with beats shown in parentheses, the chord pattern is
    G (4) D (4)
    Rock me momma like the wind and rain
    Emi (4) C (4)
    Rock me momma like a southbounf train
    G (4) D (4) C (8)
    Hey- ey momma rock me

    and so on fr the entire song.

  4. Thanks for the refinements. I ve got to get a way to improve the volume of videos when I cant hear them. Much appreciated none the less.

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