How to play Walking in Memphis (Mark Cohn) acoustic guitar lesson

How to play Walking in Memphis (Mark Cohn) acoustic guitar lesson

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Guitar (called Pumba) is from
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  1. your gorgeous! awesome lesson

  2. your gorgeous! awesome lesson

  3. jacek tomasz Lepczynski

    ha mach yours gitar woodstok pleees!!!!

  4. Nahh.. tooo fast slow down damn it

  5. love your tutorials, feel like I've watched you grow into a beautiful young lady. keep up the good work, and I wish you all the best. xx

  6. You should sing more and let it go … Your voice is really nice

  7. Thank you, thank you so much, for sharing this! One of my favorite songs. Such a lovely version, thank you! /

  8. Great job! You love music too. It shows!

  9. U know a video is good when it has no dislikes

  10. Susanne Bachleitner

    you are so great 🙂 I am learning with you since two full days :)

  11. davidandhisguitar

    Thanks! Your lessons are great and I would love to hear you perform this whole song. You have the guitar skills and a great voice and delivery.

  12. Lonnie Christopher

    ……a British lesson on a Mississippi Blues- ey song is flattering to us….thanks……….although……..I'm not sure……about that 'vampire- ess' look……….hmmm…..not sure……

  13. Holycrap this is amazing….I used to watch your videos about 6 or so years ago and today i found a link to my old youtube channel which has your channel subbed i used to spend hours trying to learn songs from your channel…crazy! Good to see your still keeping your channel active maybe ill finally be able to learn guitar for once!

  14. Creative Reindeer

    The light isn't even that bad y'know 😀 …I'm was a physiology student and had no idea about your lesson of the day, that's pretty cool stuff!! Also. Big fan of home clothes :P

  15. fell in love with this song ever since i saw the cover by eli mattson

  16. Hey midgetme do u by any chance have a fb account?
    I was kind of wondering if u could help me out with this song if u would

  17. Brilliant! :D

  18. Could you do a tutorial for John Mayers acoustic cover of Free Falling?

  19. well ı am addicted to you <3

  20. Great tutorial. Thank you for the help! This song is amazing. Jkeep up the great work:)!

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