How to play Wasn’t Expecting That (Jamie Lawson) acoustic guitar lesson

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Guitar (called Pumba) is from


  1. great tutorial and thanks for the heads up on the flies il be guarding my roast potatoes later lmao

  2. jesus Christ that f chord is really painful.

  3. Your guitar tutorials are such a help! Thank you!

  4. Thank you for the tutorial and thank you for being so lovely while explaining.

  5. God bless whatever accented country you come from!

  6. best video yet for this song. Also great voice !

  7. I need to get with the times and capo lol – Cheers

  8. Love your channel i'm just starting to play guitar and your videos are so helpful, please do a lesson on how to play Budapest by George Ezra!!!!!!!!!!

  9. How old is she?, you are great by the way I learn a lot from you!


    or can you do Reminder by Mumford and Sons?


    can you do a Johnny Flynn song? please do a tutorial for Einstein's Idea?

  12. Good Effort…..  Who am I kidding?  You're Hot!   Keep the lessons coming this Fall and Winter!

  13. make cover Adele "hello" please.adore your accent btw ^,^

  14. they are not fat fingers. they are the most beautiful fingers to ever play the guitar.

  15. Yes! Thank you so much for this!

  16. It's nice to see your face again.

  17. Your really good. Keep up the good work
    your also really pretty

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