how to play “We Three Kings of Orient Are” on acoustic guitar | lesson tutorial | Christmas carols

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Here’s my lesson on this years Christmas song “We Three Kings Of Orient Are.”



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  1. Shutup & Play - guitar tutorials
  2. Awesome arrangement. Thanks!

  3. For those struggling with the weir fingering at the C chord, you could use your thumb for the base, makes it easier to swich the high strings and plays cleaner imo.

  4. Beautiful…just beautiful.

  5. You are brilliant.. What a gift .. Thank you

  6. I LOVE THIS! Thank you so much for this simple, yet beautiful version. You are very clear, in-depth, and very enjoyable to listen to. I'll be playing this for my family on Christmas day so I'm very excited for that :). Merry Christmas!

  7. Took me a while, but I finally learned this note for note. I actually have the skills to learn most of your songs, but find the memorizing part very tedious, so will only take the time if I really like he song. I guess I need to get over that.

  8. Beautiful arrangement and lesson Andy. Can't wait to break this out at our family sing song this year at Christmas.

  9. Do you have any music for sale?

  10. been watching your videos for over a week now and practicing at the same and ive probably learnt more off your videos in the past week then i have the past four years messing about with the guitar keep the great work up sir

  11. Stunning

  12. Effortless, totally effortless..and beautiful to listen to as well.

  13. Clinton McMurray

    A beautiful arrangement. Thank you

  14. Thank you, you have the best accurate acoustic guitar lessons you can actually learn from.
    Could you please make a lesson of Paul Simon's – The Boxer?

  15. I've been at it for 45 years A-Man…you seem to have a natural ability to play these songs…wish I could too!

  16. can you do little wing on acoustic? i think it will help a lot of people

  17. Love your version of this song! As always, you have nailed it my friend; thank you for making these videos and sharing them with us!

  18. Absolutely beautiful. Great lesson as always. Thanks so much.

  19. Well played! A perfect example of less is more 🙂

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