How To Play Were Going To Be Friends – Acoustic Guitar Lesson – White Stripes Easy Guitar

Here is a lesson to get you playing a White Stripes classic, also done by Jack Johnson on a Curious George soundtrack called Were Going To Be Friends, it is an excellent song to introduce to the ideas of finger picking and will help get you used to using your thumb as the bass.


  1. THANK YOU! Clear and simple and nice and slow for me. Your'e my new guitar teacher, your'e hired!

  2. Ur lookalike is Pigmie

  3. Murphy O'Neil Performs

    2:08 – The intro
    1:09 – Plucking the G chord makes up the bulk of the verse
    3:49 – C chord
    4:21 – Back to a G chord
    4:27 – G to D chord transition

  4. You know how to explain clearly thanks

  5. BTW the original artist of this song is the white stripes….

  6. You should do an "as ugly as I seem" by the white stripes video tutorial!

  7. Johnathan Espinosa

    Thanks man,really helped a lot. Not only for the fact that I wanted to learn this song but I chose to play this as my music classes final piece.

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