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This week’s guitar lesson is all about the classic spaghetti western sound, the cowboy chords and licks. Think Dirty Harry and high noon pistol duels and everything else that has to do with the wild west.

Anders teaches you how to get this tone by using a tremolo bar or adjusting your volume knob up and down. It’s best if you use a tremolo guitar effect either built into your amp or a separate pedal. The next key to achieving the outlaw western tone is to add tremendous reverb while also using your bridge pickup.

Once you’ve got the tone dialed in, follow Anders as he shows you how to switch from a major to a minor. The next step is to add some dramatic bass notes as well. Watch on for the full lesson!



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  1. The past few weeks, I was composing a song ( idea ) , based on some of these chords and effects with my guitar moving back and forth to emulate the bixby, and yes! you have to be careful not to get carried away with bending the guitar, just bend the neck slightly and move it across the airwaves. Very dramatic, the old west was a tough place. Now I have a better idea on how to approach a song around this.. Thanks for the highest quality song learning system. I enjoy just watching the videos too.

  2. Victor Lacoste

    What an intense eye battle from 6:10

  3. District 4 Production

    Whats the name of these guitars?

  4. That sound was just like in the games called redemtion

  5. What kind of guitar do you need for all these sounds? I'm a beginner but dying to make western sounds. I have an acoustic which I'm using to learn, but I also record my own music so I want to get whatever kind of guitar this is eventually

  6. When you listen to the Red Dead Redemption loading screen once lmao.

  7. anyone need cowboy hat?

  8. Holy fuck this is epic

  9. Love the eye contact i was expecting a shoot out with Timothy oliphant.

  10. Love these sounds thank you

  11. Thanks mister.

  12. You forgot to blink

  13. Matthew Behrle

    Ok, so I may be in the very small minority but I am very new to playing guitar (5 months in) and I want to learn how to do this type of stuff but I feel like I can’t because
    1.) I am new so the self doubt
    2.) you don’t say how to do the chords so I am going by my baby ear and can’t really tell what your doing

    But other then that this helped out a lot and makes me want to learn more about this type of music, thanks man :)!

  14. Private Horler 4th Somerset

    What if your guitar doesnt have a whammy bar?

  15. The facts that ur not overly enthusiastic to teach and get likes made me watch this whole video and actually learn something

  16. Nice sound. Where spaghetti western meets Ventures surf guitar.

  17. Steve Nicholls

    Good vid Guitar Tricks. I've only just come across this one. A couple of months ago I composed a 'western theme' style track for a project. It just happens to be in the same key and use the same working components as your vid.. which I guess kind of proves your point.. 🙂 Thanks ,…

  18. What for gituar you have partner

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