How To Play 'Who'll Stop The Rain' by Creedence Clearwater Revival

How To Play 'Who'll Stop The Rain' by Creedence Clearwater Revival



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Thank you for watching this video and God Bless!

Guitar Pilgrim


  1. Huge thanks to all Patreon supporters for helping me create these lessons! Your chord sheet is available at:

    0:26 Demo

    1:12 Intro

    2:28 Strumming

    4:20 Verse

    6:38 2nd Verse

    9:06 Solo

  2. jaime loera garcia

    Hey man, congrats! Could you finish the outro stronger, maybe……. How it says in English "reedoble"

  3. Denis Roderick Saints

    Stupendo!!! Voice and guitar in a very good level. Congratulations!!!

  4. many thanks :)…ciao from CZ…

  5. super, sehr schönes Video, toll erklärt, DANKE

  6. very well from italy.ciao.

  7. very well from italy.ciao.

  8. hi . to u today 'GUITAR PILGRIM ' [ NZ } just wanted to commend u on your replication of the voice ' intonation /timbre etc of the original singer ! cool ! ta

  9. Great lesson and tremendous vocal.

  10. Excellent tutorial and, by the way, great vocal! Practically like John Fogerty!

  11. Great lesson…can you do "Right Down the Line" ?


    ¡Gran tutorial! Me he suscrito. Saludos desde Mèxico donde CCR son una de las bandas favoritas desde fines de los 60. Aún hoy los oimos en la radio.

  13. Are you sure that was a barred Bm? Looked like a regular barred B.
    Also thank you for no Justin bieber songs lol.

  14. Very well done.

  15. I am really learning a lot from this tutorial. It is amazing how some people have the drive to share and reach out to others to help the like this. Thank you GP!

  16. Great lesson, love your work. Thanks mate.

  17. I’d like to learn:
    Afterglow by:
    Small Faces.

  18. This one is awesome…
    And can you please do Aerosmith another last goodbye?

  19. Excellent. Best lesson that I have seen so far. I will surely try it. Thank you

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