How to Play “Wish You Were Here” (Intro and Chords) – Pink Floyd

How to Play

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  2. Thank you so much, great lesson 🙂 Could you teach "what you thought you need" from Jack Johnson? Greetings from Germany

  3. Bryant MaximilionAlpha

    Thanks for putting up this tutorial, Marty! Even though I'm pretty much a beginner and haven't practiced guitar in years now and the fact that the strings are killing my fingertips, even though I've got them coated with super glue(lol), I'm still starting to play this song on my guitar! thanks again!

  4. I just started playing guitar, am learning on an Epiphone 6 string, and it’s been the most rewarding challenge I’ve ever taken upon. It has been difficult and frustrating to learn many applicable chords, but your videos make it easier.Thanks for uploading! Would love to see Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door

  5. My favorite instructor! You make it very detailed for a beginner, I like when you sing out the chords like you're singing the song haha

  6. the only reason i dislike your videos is cuz there are no tabs shown cuz u tabs/chords are accurate but u dont show them on a note

  7. Your lessons are so clear and make learning so much fun. Thank you for what you do and sorry it took so long to subscribe i literally watch your videos everyday!

  8. Thanks so much !

  9. I love Marty. No bullshit. No 40 second intro. Just gets right down to business 🙂

  10. Great tutorial. Easy to follow for all levels!!!

  11. Marty could you please make a tutorial on lost for words by Pink Floyd

  12. Marty, what model Taylor is that?

  13. bulls in the bronx by pierce the veil

  14. hey, thank you, and can you do a video regarding the song HERE WITH YOU Chords – Saliva

  15. hey, thank you, and can you do a video regarding the song HERE WITH YOU Chords – Saliva

  16. I play every song I learn I play on electric guitar and it sounds cool

  17. Did I really just play my favorite Floyd tune? Damn! Thanks Marty!

  18. Im learning this song to play for my girlfriend's birthday tomorrow. Thank you so much for the tips!!

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