How to play Wonderwall intro (Oasis) easy/beginner acoustic guitar lesson

How to play Wonderwall intro (Oasis) easy/beginner acoustic guitar lesson

The rhythm is the hard bit of this song and the D and U’s in the boxes are right! Cuz i get it wrong in the video sometimes…oops

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  1. she says baa= It's but

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  3. So many creeps in the comments I can see why she stopped making these

  4. hey there lol your good we should play together over video chat sometime

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  6. thank you!!! n.n
    ur tutorial helped me a lot!!! :D

  7. This is awesome helped me so much! Thank you xx

  8. ur so cute can i have ur fb

  9. Great Tutorial! Helped me learn the song in about 15 minutes! awesome!

  10. Beginners Tip, Listen to the drum beat on the original track,. you will then understand where the rhythm comes from. Try it !

  11. On ultimate-guitar   the website itself has one of your videos on it

  12. super cute girl!

  13. Matt Thomas (Tommo)

    do you do musical composing for singers with no talent for learning instruments? kool vid btw

  14. please id the hole song!!

  15. I'm a complete beginner to guitar but I've played piano for years so my rhyme is ok so I think I'm a fast learner on guitar. Thanks for the tutorial. :)

  16. the best one

  17. I think you look hot and how old are you love Michael Catterall your biggest fan

  18. Can't still be doing homework! What about the rest of the song. Cheers 

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