how to play “Yesterday” on guitar by The Beatles Paul McCartney – acoustic guitar lesson tutorial

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An acoustic guitar lesson on how to play “Yesterday” by The Beatles featuring Paul McCartney.



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  1. Shutup & Play - guitar tutorials

    For more information on this lesson go here:–acoustic.html

  2. Leuriberto Maia

    very cool

  3. Good job Sir! It sound exactly the way Paul did it! Thumbs up to you!

  4. Your tutorials are the absolute best. After forty years of playing I already know a lot of these songs and play them pretty well, but learning your note for note covers makes them fun again. You're teaching so much valuable technique along with the songs.

  5. The tuning down a whole step is used by a lot of classic song writers-for example John Fogerty of CCR fame has several songs using this approach: Proud Mary, Bad Moon Rising, and his version of 'Midnight Special', the tuning provides a very particular tonality and you cannot achieve the original sound of the song without doing this-which is the case with this song!

  6. awesome

  7. Streetman Streetman

    2 halbtöne tiefer gestimmt – wie original – toll

  8. heya arthur loving all yor tutorials from new zealand yor the best ive seen so far well explained and you get rite to the point i have a song for you dat im finding hard to play its shona laing songs called fear of falling hoping you do a lesson on that song my guitar sounds just like it but cant find the chords to this song help plz

  9. Jorgan Morgan™

    Is this a good beginner song to learn?

  10. 1000th like

  11. Jackylaine Calva

    Thanks once again! love your tutorials!

  12. Great! Thanks.

  13. G to F# minor7 , B7 , E minor. Also in
    " You've Got A Friend " How funny ! ! Plagiarism ! ! hahahaha
    Nice job on the tutorial !

  14. mccartney really likes his weird tunings and capos

  15. The story behind Yesterday is so Paul!  Including that he dreamed the song fully formed, and then figured that he must have heard it somewhere.  Before he claimed copyright, he asked everyone he could think of if they had heard that melody before.  No one did, so he somehow must have dreamed a "perfect" melody, including the key it had to be sung in.  And of course he always played it solo. so it is a song frozen in time.Thanks for your comment about Paul being a bass player. And of course he was still very young.   It makes so much sense now, that he would compose a bass melody and add strummed chords to fill in.

  16. CORRECTION !…he does both !

  17. Something basically wrong here! McCartney plays DOWN beats after the bass note…not up strums!!

  18. what guitar and amplification are you using – the guitar sounds great

  19. Thank you for this! This is definitely the best Yesterday tutorial. One question though, are these the exact same chords that McCartney himself played/plays? Either way, great vid and thank you!

  20. THANK YOU!!!!

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