How To Play ZZ Top "Tush" on Guitar – Blues Rock Guitar Lessons

How To Play ZZ Top "Tush" on Guitar - Blues Rock Guitar Lessons

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Hey What’s up you guys! Marty Schwartz here and happy 2017! Let’s get some classic blue rocking going with a lesson on “Tush” by ZZ Top! Thanks again for supporting me at “MartyMusic!” Your “likes” and “shares” are greatly appreciated!

See you soon,
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  1. I keep one of my Teles in Open G for Keith Richards/Ronnie Wood stuff, and this song plays itself in that tuning.
    In fact, that's the first way I learned to play in Open G, I was lookin' for some Tush. I'm glad to have learned it in standard tuning as well. Thanks Marty, you're a great teacher and a hell of an axeman.

  2. Can you do A music tutorial on girl you have no faith in my medicine by The White Stripes i’d really like to learn the song but there are new videos on it

  3. Or Hate by Kiss

  4. Rain by kiss

  5. You are really good at teaching these great songs. My ear for learning songs is horrible but I love learning new songs.

  6. Love how Sharp Dressed Man is basically a play around with this riff higher up on the neck. Great lesson!

  7. Please do a Dire Straits song, and an Aerosmith song….

  8. love this lesson made by this sharp dressed man. 🙂

  9. What kinda guitar is that?

  10. Do you prefer palm muting for the staccato sound or do you think muting on the neck is better here?

  11. Razor delta force airsoft

    I wanna learn I was made for loving you from kiss

  12. thanks for all your lessons Marty!

  13. Lost for words by pink floyd

  14. Please do not rely on this tutorial to learn this song. It is in ballpark, but in the nosebleeds. Sorry.

  15. The secret is out!

  16. Hey Marty how I can set my amp to its can sound like that

  17. Does anybody know the name of that guitar

  18. Hey Marty, I would like to give you a big thanks. I use all of your videos to help me to be able to play better riffs, thanks on that. I would like to request a song. A riff from twighlight zone by golden earring.

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