How To Practice Melodic Guitar Playing The Easy Way

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In today’s video I want to talk you about something that I like to call: “Creative Research”

The main concept is to think in zones of the fretboard associating chords and scales and the only theory that you need to know is that chords are extracted from scales.

You can choose any scale, extract a group of notes and find a chord that works over that scale. The idea is to play a line and then tie it to a chord shape.

An absolute master of this type of playing was Jimi Hendrix!

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  1. This lesson is good as gold! Seriously big big thanks David!

  2. Jose M. Ignacio

    Fantastic lesson. Thanks from Spain.

  3. Great lesson David. Really enjoy your style of teaching and the diagrams are phenomenal! Keep up the great work.

  4. Hi David, what is that playing in the background during the first few minutes of this video when you're welcoming to the channel? It sounds like something really cool

  5. Thanks @Wallimann it's one guitar changing experience thanks..
    I tried signing up got the message follow link to confirm but got no e-mail

    Any luck

  6. Awesome cant get enough of your vids great job simple and point on…thanks for taking your time to teach an easy way of learning guitar instead of telling me 1st finger on the 4th string 5th fret second finger and so on and so on so boring…your vids rock…

  7. David you are my first on line teacher and still my favorite, love your channel.

  8. Missionofthelostguitar 76

    First visit, looks very useful, but of course won't be as easy as it looks. Practice and practice and time. But watching it dawned on me. Solo the notes in the chord. Makes sense. Make music, as you said. Great lesson. Thanks.

  9. Very nice lesson, you seem like a nice fellow I would like to keep in touch!

  10. What guitar r u playing

  11. Z Whitenacho Man

    More bits for couch noodling.

  12. Great vid and food for thought for all levels

  13. good lesson

  14. Excellent advice. I wish I'd known this the first time I learned.

  15. Love your playing style.

  16. more clearer explanation!!!! thanks so much!!!

  17. James Kowalkowski

    Spot on!

  18. who knew Quentin Tarantino was this good on the guitar!!!

  19. Hello, from Brazil. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

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