Learn all you need to survive in the world of bass! This lesson: HOW TO READ BASS GUITAR SHEET MUSIC
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  1. Very useful. Thank you☺

  2. Thanks Mark I Appreciate

  3. All this went right over my head…… :/

  4. why doesn't the world just switch to tabs for me

  5. my wife is two weeks late

  6. 8 years late

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  8. 8 yrs late

  9. I'm only 7 years late.

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  11. I play the euphonium but I'm also learning guitar so I have to change between clefs. I don't know why I'm here.

  12. Thanks for your insight. You are a wonderful teacher.

  13. Thanks for the quick but insightful vid. Definitely helps me getting back to reading sheet music.

  14. Simple explanations and wonderfully demonstrated. Learn to read music and forget about tab!

  15. 3:01, is that a part of the "master of puppets" tab?

  16. Hahaha hey i should charge u for using my last name 😀

  17. You should probably buy a pitch pipe

  18. thanks for this. I learned music backwards, basically, learning how to play music really well, but not knowing how to read it.

  19. doublesharp. it means go up a whole step.

  20. from low to high

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