How To Read Music On Bass Guitar – Lesson 1

How To Read Music On Bass Guitar - Lesson 1

This lesson gives an introduction to the basics of reading music on bass guitar. Many players find difficulties in getting started with reading music because they try reading lines at the level of their overall playing.
The key is to start reading music with the absolute basics. Reading pitch and rhythm in isolation and reading 2 or 3 notes on a single string in one position. This helps with getting a foothold and it’s much easier to build on that foundation.

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  1. I think your alto and tenor chefs are the wrong way around.

  2. stan broniszewski

    In a way, I consider this a refresher course. My mom used to be a music teacher; including playing the accordion. Even though the accordion & bass are completely different instruments, she was still able to read the music for bass guitar. I learned alot from her when she was alive. But these videos are beyond helpful. Simple, and extremely helpful.

  3. I've been waiting for this course for months! ! ! ! !
    Thank you Mark- you're a God send.
    I'm going to get volume 1 NOW!

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