How to REALLY play Help by The Beatles on guitar lesson

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Help song guitar lesson on “how to play Help Beatles” on guitar with same chords the Beatles used in the “Help” album by Galeazzo Frudua. How to play Help Beatles on guitar tutorial. Como tocar Help guitarra


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Luthier and Beatles expert Galeazzo Frudua shows how to play Help by The Beatles, on guitar lesson exactly as it was played on the “Help!” album.

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  1. The Beatles Vocal Harmony


  2. ManWithNoExpression

    Could you explain how you know the E-octave string is 2 octaves up? I just changed the string on my Vox Folk Twelve and it's almost impossible to hold down that string while doing barre chords. Was this how framus guitars were set up by default?

  3. what type of arpeggio is in the 5th verse

  4. My child was kidnapped to California by his musician Dad, I can't get any lawyer to help pro-bono, can anyone here help ?

  5. Fantastic

  6. something is missing in the intro … unfortunately it was the only thing i wanted to know how to play

  7. "how to really play help" with a 12 strings … ok … but they don't play it with a 12 strings guitar in live sessions …

  8. Jose Miguel Alvarez

    whats the strumming pattern for this? 

  9. George Harrison

    Wow great sound of the 12 string guitar 😀 Thanks!

  10. When I thought that all there is to learn from the Beatles are the vocals… haha 😀 Incredible details.

  11. Galeazzo, playing / singing and teaching of the highest order—-as usual. The only way for us to get any closer to the source would be the Beatles having given personal lessons. If I may suggest a different inversion for the Dmaj at the turnaround of the verses (under …"help in any way"). Try using the inversion that is barred at 2nd fret and is "C maj shape". You'll find it sounds great and lends itself to that Lennon beat of which you explained eloquently. I don't know if John or George played it or if they used it at all, but it sounds right to me. Thank you for such great videos and beautiful entertainment. BTW your bandmates, in other videos, are excellent. Ciao, mio fratello

  12. Thaaanks 😀

  13. Calling  this excellent is an understatement!  Bravo! 
    Have you considered covering "Hey Bulldog"?  

  14. Good work!  ..and yeah it will be interesting to have George's part added, voice and guitar. Ciao!

  15. Thanks for the brilliant insight into the mind of John.
    Have you worked on Sexy Sadie for guitar yet?

  16. Matías Chapresto

    Your videos are great and an enormous inspiration. Can you post the video about how to achieve the guitar tune of "Rain"? I can't wait for that video. Thanks!!

  17. Bravo! La suoni bene!

  18. thankyou you and god bless

  19. Perfect as usual! A quando un tour con i Vergas? 😉

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