How to setup a bass amp – How to play bass guitar lesson seven

How to setup a bass amp - How to play bass guitar lesson seven

Many beginner players underestimate the importance of crafting a good tone on their bass amp and how much difference it can make to their sound. In the seventh instalment of our how to play bass guitar lessons, Ben Jones of The Institute ( shows you the basics behind setting up a bass amp.

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  1. Why do you keep calling it a guitar? It's a bass NOT a guitar!!

  2. Can anyone tell me what to do? On my amp it only has:


    What do I do?

  3. TheWoollyMammoth

    Wow skipped the most important part…How to properly setup input gain.

  4. is that a palladino signiture bass?

  5. Thnaks! really useful

  6. Some reason I can only get my guitar to work on my bass amp and I already checked if it was the cord. I played the bass on my friend's guitar amp and it kinda worked what could be the problem?

  7. Excellent video ;-)!

  8. That was really informative, thank you.

  9. can we attach headphones to the amp instead of the speaker??

  10. thank you

  11. Extremely helpful, thanks a lot

  12. Thanks man, I search a lot on YouTube for an approach like this about tone, it was very helpful.

  13. very helpful for me thanks

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