How To Solo Melodically On The Guitar – Guitar Lesson – Melodic Blues Rock Soloing

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How To Solo Melodically On The Guitar – Guitar Lesson – Melodic Blues Rock Soloing Brett Papa papastache102 papastache


  1. sempre acompanho seu ensinamoentos a anos…parabanes…teria como ter contato via watsapp? meu 27.99821.9514..abs

  2. Thank you I am a cool Rock women and you are my man, will you marry me please so I can have lesson all day long.Brenda D

  3. Great video man. Love it. Keep up the good work, it is much appreciated!

  4. Hey pops ya I dig this lesson I been playing ten years I'm OK but trying to step it up I dig ur method cuz ppl will "teach" but its like hey watch me shred without explanation. I understand teachin g is hard. I'm insane on drums but couldn't really teach a newbie or tell them or help them to understand how I got to where I am so I appreciate your teaching skills. Cuz a lot of videos books tabs and examples just say this scale is a g scale. Here's the notes. It lacks the exact explanation of conveying how a scale correlates to a series of chords and wat goes over it. So I'm digging it I really am trying to just learn some of that old school theory. I don't need to shred. But the riff u opened this video was wat I'm after just being able to transition seamlessly. Thanks for the vids if there's any others that are I guess medium skilled, please let me kno. I dig it I'd like to see the bids be a little longer with a little more explanation at times. I can see wat string and fret for the most part. Maybe a b can culd work. Anyway keep it up.

  5. If you could do a video that shows "sex face" ,"Angry face" ,and maybe "intense playing from deep within my soul while I'm pouring out my heart and emotions Blues face", you would have a sexy, angry, intensely emotional Blues video. (Uh, I think)

  6. Papa moustache you're the fuckin boss man!

  7. Jesse Smith (aTrueSkiller)

    I so badly wish there was tabs for this

  8. Man! you are a awesome teacher. Really value your lessons, excellent teaching style. Please keep it coming, Brett.

  9. B…….That was Heavy Dude…….:)

  10. Thanks so much! Super helpful!

  11. Thanks for the lesson, love your videos. Would this be the same for any chord progression? If you were soloing over major 7 chords or whatever you want to hit those notes from the chords just the same? Thanks again

  12. You inspire me. Thank you for this lesson!

  13. 1. you are an incredible teacher!
    2. Question- when you transition between chords in your melodic style do you stay within the root key scale pattern, or do you switch into the pattern associated with each chord? I've struggled with this for a while. Is it that each chord you play you are using that chords pentatonic box pattern regardless of the songs key?

  14. Does anyone have the tab for the melody at the beginning? I totally love it. Managed to get some of it sorted, but missing it somewhere. Cheers in advance :)

  15. I know it's probably dependent on amp settings as well as gear and the way you are playing, but your tone on this is SWEET. Please tell me how to get into that territory. I have teles, I have a tube amp (Bogner Alchemist 112) and bunch of pedals, and I am always on the endless tone quest so I have choices. My playing sucks, and I always blame it on not getting the tone to inspire me working at it harder.Suggestions on a starting point at least? PS, love your playing and your lessons are all great, thank you!

  16. No suggestions…
    …your lessons are perfect.
    Thanks a lot for the tips, Brett. ^.^

  17. This is exactly the kind of stuff I want to learn!!! Awesome lesson Papastache. I could not agree more with everything you said.

  18. Best guitar teacher so far. You rock !

  19. Just found papa not long ago. Great great great lessons! Im 46 and a tele freak and I thought I knew how to play until I checked out these videos. Your awesome man! THANK YOU!!!!

  20. I've been playing drums since my early teens (like 1965), and guitar since my late 20's (play completely by ear).
    Believe me, pappastache is positively the best series of lessons you will ever get online, especially for free. These guys know what they're talking about, and they're patient enough to take the time to show you how to do it. They don't just blow through things to show you how good they are. They show you how to be as good as they are.

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